Day of Drumming

2017 Brochure

“My students, teachers and administrators have not stopped raving about our “Day of Drumming” with Mr. Cox!  Everyone was included and felt successful, particularly our special needs students.  We are looking forward to round two next year!  Thanks David!”

Ruth Berban/RBES Music Teacher, Bulverde, TX

Rhythm Path’s “Day of Drumming” program really is an all day event.  Each student will have their own authentic West African djembe drum to play while learning traditional rhythms and songs.  The students will work as a team to accomplish the goal of making BIG rhythm together!


  • Most schools schedule the drumming during enrichment rotation (Art/PE/Music).  There is no need to plan a new schedule for the day unless you want to, therefore almost any non-testing day of the year is available.
  • Up to 200 students in one session.  If you have a larger class then 200 then we might be able to make it work, but we highly encourage either splitting the group or booking two dates/sessions.
  • 45 to 60min sessions are preferable, however, we are flexible and can do shorter or longer sessions as needed.
  • We will bring all of the drums, instruments, and sound equipment.  The school is responsible for providing an adequate space with chairs.  Chairs are preferable but not necessary if you do not have enough.


  • Flat rate costs for all of Texas & Oklahoma.  Please contact us today for current rates.
  • Mileage and session rate for schools outside of Texas & Oklahoma.
  • Almost any day other then a testing day will work with the “Day of Drumming” program.
  • We try to schedule several schools in the same region (such as the Houston area) during the same week.
  • There is a multiple school discount if 4 schools from the same district book the same week.  Please contact us for details.